Safi Coffee Brand Ambassadors

As Student Volunteering Week comes to a close, and it’s a day for love, we wanted to share with you the wonderful story of our Safi Coffee BAM’s – our Brand Ambassadors.

The Safi Coffee Brand Ambassadors was the brainchild of Olivia Collier. Olivia is an ex-pupil of Hull Collegiate School, and one of the team of pupils who originally helped to develop the business we know as Safi Coffee back in 2015. Olivia was instrumental in creating the Safi Coffee name during our Brand Workshops and has remained passionate and close to the project ever since.

Towards the middle of 2019 as she worked through her Masters in International Cultural Heritage at Durham University, Olivia came back to the Safi Coffee Directors to find out how she could get more involved in helping spread the word about Safi.

After an energetic discussion involving lots of fantastic ideas, the Student Ambassador programme was born. Olivia is the lead of the student Brand Ambassador (BAM) project and has been busy spreading the word and recruiting new volunteers who spend time promoting Safi Coffee ever since. Those students involved are volunteers and able to align their work on the project to their studies.

Alongside her busy studying, Olivia has been spending time recruiting new BAM’s and talking to other students about Safi Coffee. Thank you Olivia, – we really appreciate it.

If you’re interested in supporting our project at your university email us.