What our customers say about Safi Coffee

We are always absolutely delighted to receive such fantastic comments from our customers regarding Safi Coffee. Read their comments below.

”This is win-win! You might be convinced to buy Safi coffee once to help the growers, but you will keep buying because…bottom line…the coffee is really, really good. It has a lovely round, warm, fruity full flavour and the delivery was very fast.”

Nigel, East Yorkshire.

“Great coffee we love it.
Also it reminds us of happy work and adventures in Uganda and Africa”

Karen, London.

“I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Safi coffee in September. I purchased a number of packets then and am just about to reorder. It is simply delicious and I will send to a number of friends and colleagues for Christmas. I love the Safi brew cup also and find it very handy on car journeys. Well done to everyone at Hull Collegiate for brining this amazing coffee to the UK and my taste buds thank you also. It is great to sip coffee and to know that every sip is helping to educate children in Uganda. What is not to love about this? Continued success to everyone associated with Safi. May 2018 be the year that every child in Uganda and in the world has access to Education.”

Geraldine, London.

“I thought this had a good flavour, with slight notes of molasses. Not too bitter. Probably what a supermarket would rate strength 3 or 4
Also leaves nice aftertaste on the conscience. I’m ordering more!”

Dave, UK.

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