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Safi Coffee is a very special initiative led by Hull Collegiate School. It is supported by local businesses and grant funding. We import Ugandan coffee to sell across the UK. Every penny of profit from Safi Coffee sales pays for Ugandan children to attend school.

It was back in 2015 when Safi Coffee was born, during a school trip to Uganda. Pupils from Hull Collegiate School volunteered in the South West Region of the country at Great Lakes High School (GLHS) and Kirima Parents Primary School (KPPS). Children and parents there truly value education as an opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty. Sadly many youngsters never get the chance. They are trapped on the family land by poverty. The Hull pupils witnessed preschool children working barefoot on farmland, using machetes, a sight which inspired them to make a difference.

Safi Coffee raises vital funds to educate children in Uganda and change their lives completely. It costs just £180 to fund a child to attend school for a full year. This includes accommodation, food, uniform and healthcare. This is funded by selling the delicious coffee grown around the school sites.

Why would we do this? Why not? We have no extravagant CEO salaries to pay, no shareholders to satisfy; just a group of pupils determined to make a difference. This is the most inspiring school project ever. Children have designed the packaging, painted the logo and are managing the accounts. They are learning about key business skills. It makes sense, for both us and them. It makes a difference.

Why Coffee?

Most people choose their coffee for one reason – taste.

Discovering Ugandan coffee was a light bulb moment for the Hull Collegiate team in July 2015.

The team discovered that it is one of the best tasting coffees in the world. It benefits from a number of organic attributes, one being the advantageously high altitude at which it is grown. Another is the impressively rich local soil. And taste is everything – ask any Coffee lover.

The team knew that the coffee grown around the school sites could be key to change. Not only was it bursting with flavour, but also opportunity.

It is the first time that these gourmet beans have made their way to European coffee cups. And in doing so, it creates farming jobs for the Ugandan families dedicated to its growth and cultivation.

And so Safi Coffee is born. Safi means ‘Pure’ and ‘Fresh’ in the Ugandan language of Swahili.

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